Every now and then, we will showcase the work of a photographer. He or she needs not be a photojournalist or have participated in assignments and exhibits organized by Boreal Communications.

SPOTLIGHT is a space to explore up new horizons and simply enjoy contemporary photography.

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Cyclone: photos taken in a studio like area at the event

Party: party moments captured by the photographer

A Celebration

Photographer Gilgamesh Fuica, RedLight Studio, Montreal.

That evening, friends and family gathered to wish him happy birthday and to say: “We love you. Go Montreal Go!” It was a surprise for Tom. His mother had tricked him into coming to the studio under the pretense of taking a family portrait. The mother in question was none other than Louise Larivière, Boreal Communications President.

The evening was a wonderful occasion to share moments only photography can immortalize…

Photos were taken in a studio-like area at the event.

Watch for June SPOTLIGHT when Boreal Communications is getting ready for the RESPECT outdoor exhibit at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto!

Boreal Communications is a Montreal-based company that creates and mounts public exhibits on the environment. It currently operates projects in various regions of Canada, and is developing plans to extend the projects internationally.

The RedLight Studio is a landmark in the world of fashion photography in the city. It is the site of many private parties. The décor, designed for studio photography, is perfect for capturing the intimate moments of parties.