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People met along the way


Gilgamesh Fuica

People met along the way

The north south divide: myth or reality?

We talk often about the great North/South Divide and it is true to a certain extent – those living in cities will rarely make it to the great north in their lifetime. The stigma comes more from “southerners’’ interpretation of the north: urbanites see First Nation people living completely separated from non natives when in fact, they mix in many ways. Unity is was a word we found on many lips. Peggy Sanders who we interviewed and photographed says: the north is about Unity, we have no choice. We live in small remote areas, we have to learnt how to live together. Karl Friesen does not see any divide. He moved to the north when he started his career as a pilot, some 25 years ago, and married a native woman. The North has taught us about unity. People met along the way exhibit had to be inclusive.

The photographs presents charismatic figures, First nation and non-native people, met as we traveled and who so generously gave their time to teach us about their way of the life in the north.

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The RESPECT team and project

Photographer Chris Young joined the team in Thunder Bay on March 31, 2009. The plan was to fly north and take pictures, from the air and on the ground. RESPECT is a an awareness program that started in 2006 to promote the boreal forest to urbanites. This new trek in the north of Ontario was designed to add more images to the existing RESPECT photographic exhibit presented outdoor at Harbourfront Centre, and find new stories for a documentary and a multimedia. We found spring 2009 particularly challenging to conduct our aerial photography. More time was spent on the ground than during past assignments, leading to more opportunities to meet and interview people. The intensity of the trip is such that one always has the feeling to work on edge. The end results are often intense. Chris managed to include photo sessions on the ground in between the few ups in the air. This exhibit shows some vibrant images of those…met along the way.