The team

From left to right: Chris Young, Louise Larivière, Tomi Grgicevic; Jim Ross

Canadian Project

This journey began in Quebec and took a team of eight photographers westward, between October 2006 and July 2007. While the photographers captured the forest from above, the chief of mission ran interviews on the ground. Four exhibits were produced and presented in Montreal and Winnipeg.

Ontario Trek

The RESPECT project entered a new phase with the Ontario Trek taking photographers Jim Ross and Chris Young, cameraman Tomi Grgricivic and Chief of mission Louise Larivière to Northern Ontario. In both treks - April and June 2009, the journey started in Sioux Lookout. The team reached James Bay on June 9. The exhibition RESPECT including new pictures taken in northern Ontario opened at the Harbourfront Centre only 15 days later, on June 24, and the documentary "Take me to the River" was first screened on June 26, same year.

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