The RESPECT journey

A journey across Canada flying over the boreal forest

The Narrator

From left to right: Session on a helicopter flying the Albany River - With soldiers, after one day patrolling the outskirt of Kabul - Launching RESPECT at Harbourfront Centre June 24, 2009

The narrator and producer

In her capacity as president of Boreal Communications, a Montreal-based organization that creates and mounts public exhibits on the environment, Louise Larivière produces film documentaries, photo exhibitions.

Louise Larivière is a woman with vision, creativity and passion. Over the years, she has focused her artistic and communication talents on helping communities, humanitarian and environmental causes through the design and production of unique assignments culminating in major photographic events in Canada. Because of her curiosity, Louise Larivière chose a career that has taken her around the world, to Argentina, Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and many parts of Europe and the United States. More recently, it is her native country and its boreal forest that became her ruling passion. She explored this passion through the RESPECT project. As Chief of Mission, Louise Larivière has crisscrossed the country, worked with nine Canadian photographers, flew east to west in one engine aircraft and documented her travels along the way. As creative director, she has designed the exhibits. In 2009, Larivière completed an assignment in northern Ontario with the photographic team and produced a documentary on the people living in the boreal forest. In February 2011, she received the Innovation Award fromt he National Film board of Canada for her short film MIGIZI. When she is not working on her various projects, Larivière shares her time between Montreal and taking long walks at Lac Noir, Lanaudière, Quebec, where her father first introduced her to nature as a toddler. She is the proud mother of one son, which she says is her greatest accomplishment.

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