Boreal Communications enjoys working closely with its Industry Partners in order to present state of the art exhibitions and promote new technology. Epson and Seal Graphics are part of the current Boreal Communications projects and provide material and expertise.

Sajo Inc is a perfect example on how the corporate world should get involved with the arts and with initiatives such as RESPECT: art with a meaning! Sajo is main partner to Boreal Communication in presenting RESPECT.

Since the beginning of the RESPECT project in October 2006, Boreal Communications has developed different partnerships with First Nations. Their guidance and hospitality has been instrumental in making RESPECT a success. There has been some in-kind and financial contribution as the project continues to evolve. A recent partnership with Wasaya Group Inc and shareholders community helps the team to complete assignments in Ontario North.

We invite the private sector as well as government to contact us as we have many other projects in the making and road tours for the RESPECT exhibit!

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Respect Photographers

Boreal Communications has brought together many creative minds to nurture Respect from conception to completion. Nine Canadian photojournalists have contributed to Respect thus far. They were selected not only because they are among the best, but because of their dedication and skill in telling poignant stories through imagery. The photos of Allen McInnis, Kazuyoshi Ehara, Jim Ross, John Woods, Todd Korol, Dan Riedlhuber, Jeff Basset, Andy Clark and Chris Young convey the essence of the boreal forest and the meaning of the journey.

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Boreal Communications

Images tell stories that might otherwise not be heard. Nowadays, we like snapping pictures to capture our very own. We use our cameras to record life’s moments, both momentous and mundane. We cherish these photos because they allow us to recreate our personal experiences. We also seek out other types of photos, ones that evoke emotions, questions and answers. For photography to elicit this collective human experience we need professionals.

In her capacity as president of Boreal Communications, a Montreal-based organization that creates and mounts public exhibits on the environment, Louise Larivière produces film documentaries, photo exhibitions and other public education material on the boreal forest and other environmental issues.

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