Stay tuned as Boreal Communications presents the boreal forest in other Canadian cities. Follow the RESPECT project as it charts new territory exploring the boreal forest of Quebec, the Maritimes and beyond. The boreal forest crosses international borders, encircling the globe like an umbilical cord. Plans are currently underway for Boreal Communications to take RESPECT international and narrate the tales of the boreal forest in Russia and elsewhere.


Harbourfront Centre Presents RESPECT: A Photo Odyssey Celebrating Canada's Boreal Forest

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A sky-high love affair with our forests : James Bradshaw From Saturday's Globe and Mail Friday, Jul. 03, 2009

Potential angles for articles: RESPECT project

The RESPECT project is a photoessay of the modern-day boreal forest that informs all Canadians on a national treasure. Aerial pictures shot from a bush plane capture the beauty, power and mystery of the landscapes and all the life within them. The following pitches can be developed into news stories and/or full-length articles for newspapers, magazines and other media. Please contact Louise Larivière for more information. Download the document PDF