Stay tuned as Boreal Communications presents the boreal forest elsewhere in Canada and beyond. Follow the RESPECT project as it charts new territories.

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HarbourFront Centre

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Take me to the River

A compelling short documentary inspired by People met along the way

The stories of the contemporary Canadian boreal forest are worth knowing. The people and the landscapes of the boreal forest tell compelling tales; some that, at first glance, seem exotic and disconnected from the daily lives of Canadians living below the 49th parallel. However, underlying the plots are subjects relevant to all Canadians. They express themes such as community, sustainability, climate change, biodiversity loss, local livelihoods, large industry and First Nations. The multimedia wants to compel urbanites to rethink their definition of the boreal forest as ‘nothing more than a lot of mosquitoes and muskeg’.

The multimedia Take me to the River is part of the RESPECT program and the outdoor exhibit presented at Habourfront Centre until October 12, 2009.